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 Relationship Coach 

Relationships are tricky, I know! But I can help you just as I have helped many others to navigate new relationships, current relationships, breakups/heartbreak and single life. I am here for you to set boundaries, develop healthy communication, manifest, motivate and whatever else you may need from me (within reason) to help you be in the happiest, loving, respectful, fun partnership... even if its just with yourself! We love self love!

I have been helping people as long as I can remember. I really started to develop my skills back in high school when I started a peer mediation group. It brought me so much joy and fulfillment. My goal is to be a mirror to you and reflect back what you aren't quite seeing. In my personal experience having my own coaches and therapist, the ones I really connect with are just that, a mirror. Someone you feel safe, confident and comfortable speaking with to help you level up. Most of what we need is already in us, sometimes we just need fresh eyes and perspective to help illuminate what we already know. 


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